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About Us

What is Mekhela Chador

Mekhela-Chador is the traditional assamese dress worn by women.

There are two main pieces of cloth that are draped around the body.

1) Mekhela: the bottom portion, draped from the waist downwards is called the mekhela.

2) Chador: the top portion of the two-piece dress, called the Chador, is a long length of cloth that has one end tucked into the upper portion of the Mekhela and the rest draped over and around the rest of the body.

3) Blouse: Generally the blouse worn in mekhela-chador joda, the blouse matches the mekhela.

Our Goal

Our Goal - Bringing quality mekhela-chador from manfufacturing to customers at affordable prices.

Our Story

We ventured into online retail in July 2014 when we started selling via amazon through our brand S. Kiran's.

We launched this website - - in 2018 and we are well on our way in achieving the target of processing more than 50000 orders each year.

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